Dr. Bud ~ America’s Wellness Sergeant ~ DOC of Future

“Bud Harris dispenses his get-fit philosophy like a kid skipping rocks across a flat pond; it comes at you fast, in short busts and zips right past if you’re not alert.” – – Oregonian 2005

Straight forward! No beating around the bush. Dr. Bud continues to tell you like it is. A college dropout JC football player turned helicopter logger, Air Force technician and Oregon electrician, Dr. Bud wastes no time getting into your: stomach, your head and finally – your heart while getting in your face! Great fun… CLICK HERE  for a sample of Bud’s Bullets!


Motivational Keynote Speeches on Health, Fitness, Wellness and  Lifestyle Coaching

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“Finish Strong” sounds like a football coach talking. Bud: Thanks…I’m hearing a lot of “Buzz” surrounding wellness here in the City. Thanks for reenergizing us!  – – Lonnie Turner, City of Portland


If you are seeking a qualified, engaging, and entertaining motivational speaker on a wide variety of health, fitness, wellness, weight loss and nutritional topics, Dr. Bud is your choice for your next event.

~ Dr. Bud


In Your Heart and In Your Face

Dr. “Bud” Harris, now a Safety Engineer, Certified Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach and author, is a national expert on Workplace Health and Wellness Promotion and has been invited to bark orders at Xerox, IBM, Intel and Tyco and at National Safety & Health Conferences.
His JUST DO ANYTHING attitude was instilled by his naval officer dad and 10 years in Europe as a US Air force tech top secret non-commissioned officer in the Mediterranean nuclear cruise missile and NATO communications programs living in Turkey, Sicily, Greece, Morocco and Germany.
I learned more about biking in 30 minutes from Bud than I did in 15 years of owning a bike! and I am a recreational specialist by trade and education! – – Meagan Jossy, City of Hillsboro Parks & Recreation Program Supervisor